Friday, June 8, 2012

Law 12: Friday, 8 June

Today we discussed the cases at the end of Chapter 19 and then reviewed the answers for the crossword puzzle.  We then democratically elected to do Chapters 23 and 25 as our final two pieces.  I issued the Chapter 23 handouts and we used the last 25 minutes to start the reading.  There is no homework for the weekend.

English 12: Friday, 8 June

Today we read Touching Bottom.  Afterwords, we discussed the various elements of conflict, both internal and external.  Next, we looked at some symbols: the colour yellow, lines on the pool bottom, murky water, leaches, and ocean ocean currents.  There are probably more; remember that repetition is a common characteristic of symbolism.  I wonder what themes we could come up with for this story.

For homework, create a paragraph that discusses either conflict or symbolism in Touching Bottom.  Don't forget to employ quotations for support and think about the elements of a sound paragraph such as topic sentence, signposts and a good closer.

History 12: Friday, 8 June

Today we did some Middle East map activities connected to locating countries associated with specific questions/events/ideas.  I then issued Ex #5-9 (for homework) and we watched the video Israel and the Arab States.  Have a good weekend.

Eng 8: Friday, 8 May

Today we read The Green Morning by Ray Bradbury.  We had a discussion about oxygen and some of its special concerns in certain environments.  Finally, we examined some of the elements of fiction in a group discussion about the lesson PPT.  There is no homework this weekend - enjoy yourselves.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

English 12: Thursday, 7 June

Today we read and discussed "On the Rainy River."  Please have your conflict paragraphs ready for tomorrow's class.

Law 12: Thursday, 7 June

Today we debriefed Chapter 19 - have the crossword ready for tomorrow's class.

English 8: Thursday, 7 June

Today we discussed the elements of survival and the questions we might ask if we found ourselves shipwrecked.  Then we read "Side Bet."  Finally, we wrote about a scene from the story FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF THE RAT.  Please have that ready for tomorrow's class.

History 12: Thursday, 7 June

Today we discussed the mother of all PPTs - 93 slides (ouch!) on the Middle East and Israel's four wars and the resulting peace process.  There is no homework. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Law 12: Wednesday, 6 June

Today we wrote the Chapter 16-18 test and then worked on Chapter 19 reading and questions.  There is no homework.

History 12: Wednesday, 6 June

Today we did a practice provincial exam as a means to review.  It was clear that we need to spend two days on the Middle East, two days on US Civil Rights, and a day on the fall of Communism.  There is no homework.

Eng 12: Wednesday, 6 June

Today we discussed the use of imagery in The Return.  We also discussed the use of figurative language and indirect representation to show the passage of time.  We reintroduced the idea of catharsis (we talked about it during Macbeth last year) and how important it is to understanding the final scene of the story.  Please compete the paragraph at Question #2, p. 50.  Also, please read On the Rainy River (pp. 70 - 84).

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Law 12: Tuesday, 5 June

Today we reviewed for tomorrow's exam on Chapters 16-18.  We ended by starting Chapter 19.

English 12: Tuesday, 5 June

Today the majority of the class came unprepared to discuss the short story assigned for homework.  That was frustrating for me.  I issued a magazine article on Lotus Land and we discussed the synthesis writing piece required on the provincial exam.  Please complete the paragraph sample for homework AND please read The Return on p 44 of your anthology.

We'll try to do the dramatic readings again tomorrow.  Please realize, I am not prepared to work harder than you in order to ensure your success in English 12: you are the architects of your own future. 

History 12: Tuesday, 5 June

Today we had the Vietnam PPT discussion (but we only got to slide 25/40 due to the grad presentation).  The rest of the PPT is available on SlideShare via the link on the blog.  I also asked that you read DeMarco pp. 214-223 AND answer the questions.  I also issued ex. # 11 and 26 which are the summary sheets for the Cold War Unit - you should chip away at them as we study each component.

English 8: Tuesday, 5 June

Today we read U is Part of Us and had a discussion about "balance' in our lives.  We also talked about the things we do at home and the things that our caregivers do.  For homework, please complete the letter to one of your caregivers as per the notes.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Law 12: Monday, 4 June

Today we did the Chapter 17 and 18 quizzes.  We also debriefed Chapter 18.  We did not have a chance to review for the Chapter 16-18 Contracts Test, so we will have the test on Wednesday.

History 12: Monday, 4 June

Today we discussed the detente treaties of the 1960s, 70s, and 80s.  We also debriefed Ex. # 17 - 18.  Tomorrow we'll study the the war years in Vietnam (nee French Indo China).  Please complete Ex. # 1-2 for homework.

We will also be reading DeMarco 214 - 223.

Eng 12: Monday, 4 June

Today we read Munro's The Shining Houses (pp. 26-35).  Please complete question 1 a-e for homework.  Also, please read O. Henry's Transients in Arcadia (pp. 37-42) for homework.

The other stories we'll read this week are:

The Return (p. 44)
On the Rainy River (p. 70)
The Chrysanthemums (p. 112)
Touching Bottom (p. 124)

For each you'll do the "response questions."  We'll also write one or two paragraphs as part of your exam preparation.