Friday, May 11, 2012

History 12: Friday, 11 May

Today we discussed the Berlin Airlift, the creation of NATO and the initial stages of the Korean War.  For homework, please answer the Chapter 13 DeMarco questions.

Eng 8: Friday, 11 May

Today we finished our first photo-inspired paragraphs and some people were able to get started on their second.  I am very pleased with the finished products.  As we continue, I'll slowly keep removing my support so that you become more and more independent writers.  There is no homework.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

English 12: Thursday, 10 May

Today we read up to p. 95 in DOAS.  We discussed the theme of success and how difficult (personal) it is to measure.  We also debriefed #1-13 from the Act 2 study guide questions.  Few people turned in the paragraph assigned on Tuesday (see blog for details); please get that in tomorrow.  Also, please read up to about p. 115 AND find two segments from the text to discuss because they:

a) connect to a theme, or
b) connect to a past event in the play, or
c) allude to a new idea that is emerging, or
d) speak strongly to a trait or general character development.

Law 12: Thursday, 10 May

Today we completed the paperwork to sue one of our class colleagues in BC Provincial Court (Small Claims Division).  After a random draw, we determined that Jay's case will be heard in mock trial at the beginning of tomorrow's class.  Please ensure all of Chapt 12 (including Ex. 12-2) is completed - we'll review it tomorrow.

English 8: Thursday, 10 May

Today we extended our photojournalism activity into a descriptive paragraph.  We shared our topic sentences with a focus on creating the mystery or wonder required by a good topic sentence.  We'll continue working on this tomorrow.  There is no homework.

Hist 12: Thursday, 10 May

Today we did a review/quiz on the causes/elements of competition of the Cold War.  Next we had a PPT discussion about the Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan (the best plan ever).  Tomorrow we'll look at more concrete conflict in terms of the Berlin Crisis and the Korean War.  Review the handbook prior to tomorrow's lesson.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Law 12: Wednesday, 9 May

Today we completed Chapter 13 including the crossword and Exercise 12-2.  We'll review the questions and cases, and complete Ex 12-4, tomorrow.  If you were unable to finish, please do so for homework.  I also issued the permission form for the May 30th Vancouver Law Courts trip; please return yours ASAP.

Eng 12: Wednesday, 9 May

Today we listened to our last dramatic reading and then we read and discussed the beginning of Act Two.  The next time we do a dramatic reading it will count for marks.  Tomorrow we'll debrief some of the questions from last day's homework.  You may choose to read ahead if you're going to be busy later (the forecast is for sun).  Today we asked ourselves if Willy is emerging as a tragic hero.  We also continued to connect with the many themes around which this play seems to revolve.

History 12: Wednesday, 9 May

Today we listened to Liz's PPT - good work Liz.  Next we had a PPT discussion on the causes and elements of competition in the Cold War.  You should be able to identify each of the themes and classify them as cause or competition. Tomorrow we'll do Part 2: Key Events.  For homework, please read the handout from the International Affairs 1939-1979 text. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

English 12: Tuesday, 8 May

Today we listened to two more dramatic readings.  I also gave 30 minutes to work on any six questions from Act II, #1-10.  Finally, I issued your first major writing assignment of the unit.  Find the prompt attached - note the due date.  Tomorrow I'll check that the six questions are done and then we'll debrief and discuss them. 

Law 12: Tuesday, 8 May

Today we finished the mock trial.  The jury's verdict was NOT GUILTY; they chose not to accept the battered wife syndrome as a defense for second degree murder in this case.  We read and answered Chapter 12 in the last half of class.  There are only reading 13 questions, so try to get them done for homework.  Finally, we confirmed the Vancouver courthouse trip for May 30.  I'll have the form for you tomorrow.

History 12: 8 May

Today I returned the Second World War unit tests.  Next, we listened to your PPT presentations.  I was pleased with your product.  We'll listen to the last two at the start of tomorrow's class.  I'll also be sharing some Cold War PPTs.  I'm missing two Holocaust paragraphs.  Please look at the early Cold War reading in the workbook (pp. 121 - 126).

English 8: Tuesday, 8 May

Today we learned how to create a digital contact sheet in Google Images.  We learned that photos around 500 x 500 are big enough to expand to full page size.  Next we searched for three or four good photos suitable for use in helping to write a descriptive paragraph - see the sample to see how we pasted text boxes to explain why we chose the images that we chose.  Next class we'll do the paragraph writing.  There is no homework.

Monday, May 7, 2012

History 12: Monday, 7 May

Today we wrote the Second World War Unit test.  Tomorrow we'll close the unit by listening to your five to ten minute PPT presentations.  Also, please read DeMarco Chapter 13 (pp. 154 - 161) for homework.  You needn't answer any of the questions - we'll do that together, later.

Law 12: Monday, 7 May

Today we opened the mock trial.  The Defense had to think on their feet after some technical issues interrupted their preparation, but I thought they did well.  The Crown wasn't all there in the beginning, but what a recovery.  The judge and clerk were on top of their games and very organized; the witnesses filled their roles well - what about that awesome Dr. Holmes - that guy was incredibly believable.  Jury members please read your packages prior to the resumption of the trial.  Lawyers, please ensure your closing statements are tuned up; you'll speak first and then the judge will charge the jury prior to their deliberation. 

Eng 12: Monday, 7 May

Today we listened to the dramatic readings. I thought they were generally quite good - especially since this was the first time you've done a dramatic reading since English 11.  We finished the block with some reading: please ensure you've read up to p 86.5 for tomorrow's class.  You will be given some class time to review the questions BUT, I may give you a reading quiz to ensure you've done your homework.  Enjoy the sun (read outside).