Thursday, May 3, 2012

Law 12: Thursday, 3 May

Today was our last day to prepare for the mock trial on Monday.  Please ensure you are prepared to fulfill any of your trial obligations.  Have a good long weekend!

English 12: Thursday, 3 May

Today we individually read the beginning of Act Two. We also listened to Chelsea's and Emma's dramatic reading.  Lastly, we completed a vocabulary activity.  There is no homework, but if you will be busy next week, you should read ahead (consider answering some of the study guide questions).


English 8: Thursday, 3 May

Today we wrote paragraphs loosely based upon the photo and pre-writing that we did last class.  I am very pleased with the way our class works in general, but especially pleased with how you work during our writing tasks: you guys are always so focused and productive.  If you were unable to complete the five or six sentences in class, please do so before next class on Tuesday.

History 12: Thursday, 3 May

Today I was again disappointed that only two students had completed their homework - I assigned a paragraph to summarize the Holocaust and it must make reference to Ex.s #12-14; it is due Monday.  We also finished the Conferences PPT.  Finally, I went over the format for the Second World War test that we'll write on Monday.  We'll do the PPT presentations on Tuesday.  Remember, your PPT need not be on a "battle;" any significant topic/event during the era would be acceptable.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Eng 12: Wed, 2 May

Today I did started with a homework check for the #18-35 questions.  Then we debriefed and discussed the questions.  Finally, we watched the Angie and Allison show, while we read up to p. 53.  Please finish reading Act 1 for homework (you should also now be able to answer the last two questions).

En 12: Tues, 1 May

Here are the dramatic reading parts:

History 12: Wed, 2 May

We started by asking ourselves what the Allied leaders would need to discuss during the war.  We decided that it would be important to ensure their view wasn't myopic limited to winning the war, included a look to the future - to a post-war world.  Next, we had a PPT discussion that looked through the must know and the should know conferences.  Tomorrow we'll finish up and review the holocaust activities from yesterday.  Please ensure you update your Ex #16 worksheets from the information posted to the blog last night.  Also, complete the conferences worksheets (map + Ex #17).

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Law 12: Tuesday, 1 May

Today was our first day of work preparing for the mock trial to take place on Monday.  People with minor trial duties are asked to add a comment to this post indicating the focus of their personal inquiry project.  Please decide how much homework you need to do in order to be ready for the trial.

Hist 12: Tuesday, 1 May

Today we reviewed the Battle of the Atlantic and the Italian campaign and then filled out the worksheet #16 boxes for D-Day and the Battle of the Bulge.  Please add your notes for the remaining battles/events to this post and complete the Holocaust exercises for homework.  Don't let the team down.

English 8: Tuesday, 1 May

Happy May Day!  Today we took our writing further by examining considerations for descriptive writing.  To have a common focus, we started by using a short video and then moved to a still photograph.  We also wrote a pre-write activity where we made a table to identify imagery for each of the five senses.  Next, we shared our two best examples from our tables.  On Thursday we'll write the paragraph for this second pre-write. There is no homework. (Thanks Sam, for the pic of the boardwork)

Monday, April 30, 2012

Law 12: Monday, 30 April

Today we got started on our mock trial.  We selected the players for the various parts and I issued folders with supporting material.  Those who don't have labeled parts will sit in the jury during the trial (a second degree murder trial).  We will use Tuesday and Wednesday to work on the preparation (and maybe Thursday).  Friday is a pro-d day so we will have the trial on Monday, May 7th.

I will have an activity to engage those who have minor roles or those who are in the jury. There is no homework tonight.

Eng 12: Monday, 30 April

Today I checked to see that you had done your reading questions (a third hadn't).  Those who didn't, have until tomorrow to answer any 8 from 1-17.  We then discussed the questions and the ways they bring out the characters.  Next we identified some of the themes that could be emerging.  I asked you to pick three themes and find a few quotations to support each.  From now on, as you read, add examples/quotations to your themes - it's okay to be a little broad in your interpretation (too narrow a view will make it too difficult to find any quotations).  For homework, finish the theme activity and read up to page 61.5.

Hist 12: Monday, 30 April

Today we discussed the war in the Pacific.  We had a PPT discussion and watched a vhf tape from the History 12 series. I've included some of the key slides from the PPT.  For homework, read DeMarco pp. 145-146; workbook pp. 103-106 and pp. 109-114.