Friday, April 13, 2012

English 12: Friday, 13 April

Today we had our second class period to work on the poetry assignment that I gave you yesterday.  Please have all of the Form and Structure poetry work sheet completed for Monday EXCEPT #6 (we'll do that together).

Law 12: Friday, 13 April

Today we discussed the Chapter Ten cases and reviewed the levels of the courts in Canada.  We also did the Chapter 9 terms on the crossword puzzle.  We will review them on Monday when we read Chapter 11 and do the reading questions.  No homework - unless you owe me assignments - Term 3 is over!  Have a nice weekend.

Hist 12: Friday, 13 April

Today we reviewed Ex #23 focusing on the Neutrality Acts and the ways they were bent (some would say broken) at the beginning of the Second World War.  We also did a general review of the USA in the 20s and 30s.  We shall have our USA test on Monday - it will follow the format of the Germany, Italy, Middle East and India exam.  Please complete the worksheet on the Spanish Civil War and read the map book page I gave you, for homework.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Law 12: Thursday, 12 April

Today we wrote the Chapter 8 terms quiz and then reviewed Chapter 9.  Please read the cases at the end of the chapter for homework - we'll discuss them tomorrow.

English 12: Thursday, 12 April

Today we started a "form and structure" poetry assignment.  It involves poems from the Imprints 12 collection.  Any question identified as "group" work can be done individually.  Use the Internet (or your parents/etc) to help with the proverbs question.  We will use tomorrow's class to finish - due Monday.

Please be sure to number your questions clearly so when I collect them I can assess your work more easily.

English 8: Thursday, 12 April

Today we did a short parts of speech quiz in preparation for Tuesday's test.  We then reviewed.  There is no homework except to prepare for the test.

History 12: Thursday, 12 April

Today we started by watching to short videos on the CCC and the WPA - there are many good short documentaries of this type on YouTube; check some out.  Next, we debriefed Ex 18-22.  We ended with a viewing of the "...New Deal" video (we completed Ex 22a which is a summary of the video).  Please complete Ex 23 for homework.  Also, read pp 91-93 in Global Forces (ah, it's not just a dust collector).  We'll do our USA unit test on Monday so come prepared to review tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Law 12: Wednesday, 11 April

Today we reviewed the crossword puzzle for Chapter 8 and tomorrow we will do the Chapter 8 terms quiz.  Please complete the 19 "focus on reading" questions for Chapter 9 for homework.  You may stop reading after page 167 - we'll do the cases in class.

En 12: Wednesday, 11 April

Today we wrote the "David" test.  Chelsea noted that I forgot to post a screenshot of the devices from the PPT last week, so here it is (sorry).  If I ever forget something, or if you need other help, you should email me ( ) or post a question to the blog - I always check my e-mail, and often check the blog.  The PPT slide list of devices is not complete.  I've included the Ministry list for English 12. There is no homework tonight - enjoy the game.

Hist 12: Wednesday, 11 April

Today we reviewed the causes for the Depression and had a PPT discussion on the New Deal.  We concluded with a bit of independent research on evaluating the success of FDR's response.  For tomorrow's class, ensure you have all of the exercises and DeMarco reading done from last class.