Friday, March 30, 2012

Law 12: Friday, 30 March

Today we reviewed our debating video and brainstormed some debate topics.  The debate teams are as follows:

Emma, Chelsea, Liz vs. Kohl, Cody, Blayke
Angie, Sarah, Kari vs. Nick, Devin, Brandon
Khoya, Aisha, Shyla vs. Amber, Jay, Allison, Quinn

Look at the topics and on Monday, be prepared to tell me what you will debate.

History 12: Friday, 30 March

Today we discussed the creation of a Jewish homeland in Palestine.  We examined Zionist and Arab nationalism in the region.  We also looked at the British connection through the 1916 Sykes-Picot Agreement to divvy up the Ottoman territory (in spite of promises to the Arabs for helping the British to defeat the Turks) and the 1917 Balfour Declaration promising a Jewish homeland.  Please complete w.b. Ex # 14-15 for homework (read pp. 59-61).  Also, please read w.b. pp. 61-62 and do w.b. Ex # 16-17 for homework (I've given you a short reading on India from the old Howarth text - it is optional).  Don't forget about your dictators comparison paragraph.  We'll have a PPT discussion on India on Monday, and then prep for your Italy/Germany/Palestine/India unit test.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

English 8: Thursday, 29 March

Today we carried on with our fun study of grammar.  Thanks for your enthusiasm.  Tomorrow we will see the much anticipated CONJUNCTION video. No homework.

History 12: Thursday, 29 March

Today we started by discussing the steps to Hitler going to war.  We used the acronym CASPR2 to remember the different events.  I gave a handout with more detailed information about each step.  Next, we discussed the PPT on the dictators' economies.  On Monday , you should hand in your detailed paragraph comparing and contrasting the economies of Stalin, Mussolini and Hitler.  Don't forget a line about the philosophical stance of each.  Remember to use past writing samples to help you in terms of your style and content.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Law 12: Wednesday, 28 March

Today we read article reviews on three topics concerning arrest in Canada: 1) the right to a lawyer; 2) the right to remain silent; and, 3) the right to a police warning upon arrest.  Afterwords, we broke into groups of three to discuss the articles and write point-form notes to be used as pre-writing.  Those notes should be finished for homework.  Tomorrow we will write individually composed paragraphs summarizing our rights upon arrest (yes, these will be collected and assessed FOR MARKS) so come prepared to write.

Eng 12: Wednesday, 28 March

Today we looked at sonnets.  For homework, please choose any two sonnets from Imprints 11 and use the study guide sheet to examine it.  Don't forget to get those missing assignments written - especially the journal entries.  I also need you to comment on the blog for last Monday.

History 12: Wednesday, 28 March

Today we finished our discussion of the Night of the Long Knives.  We also debriefed Ex #8-10.  Our discussion of the treatment of Jewish people in Nazi Germany led to a discussion of racism in general and racism in Canada specifically (today and in our past) as well as some consideration of immigration issues.  We can see in this topic how relevant history can be to our contemporary lives.  Tomorrow we'll discuss DeMarco Chapter 7 and have a PPT discussion to compare and contrast the economic policies of the dictators we've studied to date.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Law 12: Tuesday, 27 March

Today we watched an instructional video on debating.  Tomorrow we'll expand the discussion and take some notes on the process as we get ready to debate ourselves.  Yesterday we worked on Chapter 8 - please ensure you complete the Focus on Reading questions up to #19.

Hist 12: Tuesday, 27 March

Today we debriefed Ex #7, but not enough of you had #8 done to move on.  Please ensure you have #8-10 done for homework.  Also, read Chapter 7 in DeMarco.  We watched the "Hitler's Germany" video and most of the way through the Night of the Long Knives PPT.  We'll finish the PPT discussion tomorrow and look at a comparison of the three dictator's economic programs.

En 8: Tuesday, 27 March

Today we started our grammar unit with an introduction to the parts of speech and a study of nouns.  There is no homework.

Monday, March 26, 2012

English 12: Monday 26 March

Today we began our new unit on poetry.  To begin the class I asked students to please post a comment to tell me what poetry IS to you.  We then looked at the Grade 11 anthology to see what some poets said when asked the same question.  Thank you to the small number who attended - your participation in the discussion was appreciated.  There is no homework except to comment on this post.


Law 12: Monday, 26 March

We only had seven students in class today.  We read Chapter 8 and worked on the reading questions.  Those of you who were absent will have to get caught up out of class.  Tomorrow we will begin instruction (through a very clear video) on debating - a fun part of Law 12.

History 12: Monday, 26 March

Today I issued w.b. Ex # 9-12.  We used the start of class to complete #9 and part of #10.  Please finish #10 for homework.  I also gave a political spectrum of 1920s Germany as well as a graphic to show the steps that allowed Hitler's rise to power.  Please fill in the blanks on the latter for homework.  Finally, we debriefed Demarco, Chapter Six, from pp 80-89.  If you haven't WRITTEN the answers for the questions on pp. 91-92, please do that for homework (it should have been done over the break).

Tomorrow we'll review the w.s. from Ex 8-10. and look at the Night of the Long Knives.