Friday, March 16, 2012

English 12: Friday, 16 March

Well, there was quite an exodus from last block.  Thank you to the six students who stayed and wrote their Orwell paragraphs.  You six will leave for spring break with a clear conscience and light shoulders knowing that your work is complete.  I WILL BE COLLECTING EVERYONE'S TEN-OR-SO JOURNAL ENTRIES ON MONDAY AND TUESDAY WHEN WE RETURN. If you were delinquent in completing your journal entries, you may wish to recitfy that.  Regardless, I hope everyone has a safe and happy break.

Law 12: Friday, 16 Mar

Today we finished discussing the Chapter 7 cases and then did the crossword puzzle.  We'll do the terms quiz when you return - no homework (unless you've missed classes and are behind in your questions).

Hist 12: Friday, 16 March

Today we viewed two short videos from the British Pathe series (you can access them on YouTube): one was on the 1919 Sparticus Putsch and one was on the 1920 Kapp Putsch.  We noted the key role of the Freikorps in each.  It would seem that Ebert's Weimar government was under attack from all sides.  Next we discussed the 3 Putsches PPT (you can access it via the SlideShare link on this blog).  I was happy that you asked so many probing questions - we were able to bring out many interesting details.  At the end of class, I gave some time to complete w.b. Ex # 7 - 8.  I do not like to give homework over holidays, but I am going to ask that you arrive back to school with all of DeMarco Chapter Six read, with notes from the questions taken.

I've included a shot of the document from Time Magazine, 1923.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Law 12: Thursday, 15 March

We finished off our discussion of the Chapter 7 questions and then broke into group to discuss how we could apply our learning to the cases, starting with # 43.  We'll finish the rest tomorrow.  No homework.

Eng 12: Thursday, 15 March

Today, the folks who discussed the essay yesterday started their paragraphs focused on the following prompt:

Discuss the argument in Orwell's Politics and the English Language.

The folks who read yesterday had a discussion around the essay and study guide, led by me.

TOMORROW I WOULD LIKE TO COLLECT YOUR TEN-OR-SO JOURNAL ENTRIES FROM YOUR NOVEL STUDY.  They will make up the remainder of your mark for the novel unit.  We shall be starting poetry after the break.

Eng 8: Thursday, 15 March

Today we had our last writing class, a character sketch,  on The Outsiders.  This was an "unsupported" task.  You had a chance to see how well you can write without a great deal of scaffolding as in the "heroes" paragraph.  This was the final assignment for the novel unit - after spring break will be be starting something new.  Have a good holiday - no homework!

Hist 12: Thurs 15 Mar

Today we debriefed W.B. ex # 4-6 and took notes of the Corporate State.  Sorry, I forgot and put the notes on the whiteboard - thanks to Zack and Samantha in English 8 for the photos.  Next, we re-watched the second half of the Make Germany Pay video.  For homework, please read (and answer) DeMarco, pp 86-89.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

History 12: Wednesday, 14 March

We debriefed DeMarco pp 74-79.  We also began to look at W.B. Ex. # 3 - we didn't quite get finished because of the shortened block.  We need to wrap up Italy and get on to Germany.  Please read DeMarco pp. 80 - 85 including notes for the questions.  I'll be discussing the 3 putsches tomorrow.

English 12: Wednesday 14 March

Today was a shortened block: half of the class reviewed the study guide questions for Orwell's essay, while the other half finished their reading.  Tomorrow the group that discussed will write while the readers will discuss.  Remember to hang in until Friday - don't relax too soon, then you'll know you've earned a good break.

Law 12: Wednesday, 14 March

Today we had an earthquake drill and then debriefed up to question #24 in Chapter 7.  It was a shortened block and with 15 minutes left, half of the class went to discuss bursaries with Mrs. Dimond; the remainder got a head start on Chapter 8.  We'll finish Chapter 7 tomorrow - no homework.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Eng 12: Tuesday, 13 Mar

Today we read Orwell's Politics and the English Language.  Use the study guide to help with your understanding.  Ensure you come to class with it read (twice?) or tomorrow's class will be difficult.  On Thursday, WE WRITE!

Law 12: Tues 13 Mar

Today we debriefed the first half of Chapter 7 and had some interesting side discussions.  We'll finish tomorrow. Get ready to do retests tomorrow during your spares - it's YOUR responsibility to come to me; I won't look for you.  No homework.

Hist 12: Tues 13 Mar

Today we did a writing activity that had you writing statements about totalitarianism after being given a set of vocabulary terms.  We then discussed the PPT on Mussolini.  For homework, write a one page what/so-what paragraph connecting the statements on totalitarianism with Mussolini's rise to power in the 1920s.

En 8: Tues 13 March

Today I returned your paragraphs.  They were all very well done.  We discussed how to use the rubric and the writing log.  We also discussed elements of writing style.  Your homework is to ask your parent(s) or guardian(s) to sign your paragraph so you can return it to me next class.