Saturday, March 10, 2012

English 12: Friday, 9 March

Today was our last class in the computer lab to complete our (1) novel essay re-writes, and (2) our descriptive paragraphs.  Students who finished early began to read Orwell's "Politics and the English Language;" it is a tough read, but a fair measure of your abilty to follow a sophisticated piece of adult writing.  Any students who were unable to return their writing to me on Friday, should do so by Tuesday at the latest.  Enjoy your weekend.

Law 12: Friday 9 March

Today we worked independently to answer the focus on reading questions.  Students who were absent yesterday, wrote the Chapter 5-6 test.  Thank you all for your focused, respectful work.  It really is a treat to work with such a mature group.  We agreed that everyone would have the Chapter 7 questions completed when we return to class on Monday.

Friday, March 9, 2012

En 8: Friday, 9 March

Today we had our last writing block for the paragraph on The Outsiders.  I will say again how pleased I was to see how well you all worked.  Anyone who finished was encouraged to begin writing a character sketch on any of the characters in the novel. Remember: unique features of appearance, significant actions, and, thoughts and feelings (think: what's in the head and what's in the heart).  If you were unable to finish your hero/anti-hero paragraph in class, it is due for homework on Tuesday.  Have a great weekend.

Hist 12: Friday, 9 March

Today we completed Ex #1-2 from the workbook; please complete #3-6 for homework.  If you were delinquent and have not completed notes for DeMarco Chapter 5, Ex #4-8, ensure that you do. On Monday we shall do Part 2 of the Italy PPT.  Get ready to do a timeline document as a summary activity in companion with a what/so-what paragraph.  Depending on your schedule, you may wish to get started over the weekend.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Law 12: Thurs, 8 Mar

Today we did the Chapter 5-6 test and then worked independently on Chapter 7.  I wrote the definition of a peace officer on the board (question 6 - you can Google it - ensure you get the Canadian definition).  No homework.

En 12: Thurs 8 Mar

Today half of the class was absent.  We worked on our writing in the computer lab.  You all worked very well - it was a pleasure to help you improve your prose.  No homework.

En 8: Thurs 8 Mar

Today we had a very productive paragraph writing block. I was very pleased with your focus and determination to "get it right."  No homework.

Hist 12: Thurs, 8 Mar

Today we reviewed the Russia test and looked at ways to inprove our written answers.  We also found ou the the majority of the class failed to prepare their reading - not very good folks.

Please, ensure DeMarco Chapter 5 is read with question responses ready for tomorrow's lesson.