Friday, February 24, 2012

Law 12: Friday, 24 Feb

We debriefed the remainder of Chapter 5.  We ended by looking at some cases in order to get a better idea of how actus reus and mens rea affect the commission or ommision of criminal acts.  On Monday we'll examine the crossword as a way of tuning up our understanding of the terms - quiz on Tuesday.  Have a good weekend.

En 12: Friday, 24 Feb

I showed the first half of the film 1984 today.  On Monday we'll view the remainder.  This will help us with some activities surrounding the use of language that I am planning for next week.  Have a nice weekend.

Eng 8: Friday, 24 Feb

Today we continued to learn about organizing our ideas in prewriting for a paragraph on The Outsiders. Thank you for all of your good ideas and active participation.  It is always a treat for me to work with your class: you're so cheerful and into whatever we are doing.

(I've reposted the "brainstorm" slide from last class - thanks for letting me know it didn't upload successfully).

Hist 12: Friday, 24 Feb

Great class today, folks.  I was pleased with the improvement you showed in your PPT slides and I'm sure next time you speak to the class you'll consider the points we discussed such as not reading from the slides but instead speaking "conversationally" to the audience - tell the story.  We also saw the majority of the Rus. Rev. vhs tape - it is a good one - interesting that the producers don't mention that most of the film used in the documentary is from post civil war "Bolshevik" propaganda reenactments.

We'll debrief pp. 52-55 of DeMarco on Monday.  Also, please read and answer the questions for ALL of Chapter 4.  I want to speed up a bit so we can test ourselves on Russia and move on to the rise of fascism.  Have a good weekend.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Eng 8: Thurs 23 Feb

Today we had a good discussion on the notion of hero versus anti-hero as those terms relate to The Outsiders.  We also practiced writing topic sentences.  I was very impressed with your ability to stay focused and working well.  Keep up the good work.  If you didn't get time to record a sample topic sentence on the interactive white board, please add one as a comment to this post.  There is no other homework.

Hist 12: Thurs 23 Feb

We debriefed yesterday's deMarco pages and discussed the tactical advantages of the Red Guard.  We also walked throught the timeline - by now you should know the key elements and be able to give the appropriate so-whats.  We'll present our Bolshevik PPT slides tomorrow. Please read pp. 52-55 in DeMarco and do the exercises for homework.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Eng 12: Wed., 22 Feb

We used today's class to create a "cheat sheet" of quotations for use in tomorrow's in-class essay.  We then created statements to accompany the quotations.  PLEASE NOTE: REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE ONLY ALLOWED TO BRING THE QUOTATIONS IN FOR THE ESSAY - all other work should be considered preparation only.  Good luck.

Law 12: Wed., 22 Feb

Today we reviewed the Chapter 2-4 test.  We then worked on Chapter 5 - please complete the Focus on Reading questions up to and including #16 for homework.

Hist 12: Wed., 22 Feb

Today we debriefed DeMarco pp 48-49 and Ex 15 - 17.  We also reviewed Marx's continuum from capitalism to the workers' paradise.  Remember that tomorrow we will present our Bolshevik personalities PPT slides.  For homework, please read DeMarco pp 50-51 and do Ex 10.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Eng 12: Tues 21 Feb

Today we discussed Thursday's in-class essay.  We wrote practice introductions and shared them with our peers and revisited blending quotations into our prose.  Please ensure you come to tomorrow's class with your two essay characters selected.

Law 12: Tues, 21 Feb

Today we wrote the Chapters 2-4 test.  There is no homework today.

Hist 12: Tues, 21 Feb

We started with a quick review of the Russian timeline and then finished the 1917 PPT.  I assigned each of you a character from the Bolsheviks to research.  Please make a PPT slide for inclusion in a second collaborative presentation, like the one we did on the Russian political spectrum (remember the critiques we did and try to incorporate those ideas - due Thursday).  We also debriefed your DeMarco reading and discussed the questions.  For homework please read PP 48-49 in DeMarco and do Exercise 9 (a-d).  Also, please complete Falk workbook exercises 15-17.

Don't worry - there won't be Law 12 homework.

Eng 8: Tues, 21 Feb

Today we played Outsiders Pictionary  as a way to have some fun and review the main elements of the story - next class we write!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Eng 12: Monday, 20 Feb

Today we had lit circle meetings.  Tomorrow I'll give you support doing your first essay pre-write.  We'll use Thursday's class to do the in-class essay (with quotations cheat-sheet).

Law 12: Monday 20 Feb

Today we did the Chapter 4 terms quiz and then the review for tomorrow's test (Chpt 2-4):

Part A - matching
Part B - fill-in-the-blank (like today's review)
Part C - Types of law fill-in-the-blank
Part D - Multiple choice

Hist 12: Monday 20 Feb

Today we heard your mini presentations on the Russian political groups and then evaluated your PPT slides.  I thought you all did well and look forward to you incorporating the suggestions for improvement next time you have to build a slide.

We also started to look at the events of 1917.  Please read Demarco pp. 43-47 and do Exercises 5, 6, and 7 for homework.  I've included some key slides for you to consider.