Thursday, February 16, 2012

Eng 8: Thursday, 16 Feb

Today we watched the second half of the film.  Afterwords, we had a little time to view the story surrounding Fresno, California class that petitioned Francis Coppola to make the movie, and a short segment of the documentary about the actual filming.  It was interesting no note the writing style of those "news stories."  Paying attention to the writing of others is a great way to develop your own ability.  There is no homework - enjoy your long weekend.

Eng 12: Thursday, 16 Feb

Today was the last class period allotted for novel reading; please ensure you come to class on Monday with your novels read.

Hist 12: Thursday, 16 Feb

Today we worked on our PPT slides for the Russian political organizations presentation.  We will do the presentation first thing Monday so please make sure you copy your work to my flash drive.  Have a good long weekend - no homework!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Law 12: Wed 15 Feb

Today I returned the Chapter 3 terms quizzes.  We also reviewed and discussed the homework questions.  Tomorrow we will discuss the cases and prep for the Chapter 4 terms quiz on Monday.  We'll review Chapters 2-4 on Monday and write the unit test on Tuesday.

Please complete the Chapter 4 crossword puzzle for homework.

Eng 12: Wednesday, 15 Feb

Today was a reading day.  I'll introduce your first formal writing assignment for the unit: compare and contrast two characters from your novel.

In the past,  when you've done character sketches you may have thought of your characters in terms of three criteria: appearance; actions; and, thoughts and feelings.  I'd like you to go further this time.  Consider the following points:

- why are these characters important to the story?
- what do they teach us anything (about ourselves/society)?
- why are they perfect or imperfect (do they, like Macbeth, have a flaw)?
- when are they heroic, anti-heroic, or tragic?
- what, if anything are their weaknesses or strengths?
***** most importantly, why are they significant?

This will be a standard 300-word essay and yes, you will be expected to employ blended quotations to support you arguments.

Hist 12: Wednesday 15 Feb

Today we discussed the Demarco readings from the past two classes and investigated how to interpret statistics.  We also started to look at the March Revolution.  Tomorrow we will do a student investigation into the Russian political spectrum.  For homework: 
(1) please start to investigate your group 
(2) read pp 29-31 in the Falk workbook.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Law 12: Tuesday, 14 Feb

Today we did the Chapter 3 quiz and then discussed the Charter.  We looked at some cases before the courts and copied some notes.  Please read the rest of the chapter for homework and do the following questions: 10-12, 17-18, 20-22 and, 26-27.  We'll review your decisions for the cases tomorrow.

Hist 12: Tuesday, 14 Feb

Today we reviewed the first batch of events on our timeline and then added four more.  We also debriefed the reality of the Fundamental Laws.  We finished the 1862-1916 PPT and were introduced to the political spectrum at that time: more on that later.  For homework, please read DeMarco pp 40-42 and do the two exercises, #3 - 4.

En 8: Tuesday, 14 Feb

Today we watched the first half of the movie.  We'll watch the second half next class.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Eng 12: Monday 13 Feb

Some people are right on schedule to be finished their novels by next Monday, and others are lagging.  Please be responsible to get caught up if you are behind.  Also, remember: keep notes/quotation references and write a journal entry at least once every two days.  The group reading BNW had a lit circle meeting at the end of class and students brought up some interesting questions.  Remember to take time to reflect on your reading.  It's also good to start thinking about the work as a whole so that when you finish you will have begun some of the bigger thinking.  The Fallen group is planning a lit circle tomorrow.

Law 12: Monday 13 Feb

Today we reviewed the Chapter 3 crossword puzzle answers and then had a Chapet 3 terms pre-quiz.  The quiz will be tomorrow.  I gave out a small hand-out package.  We also started Chapter 4 and read/discussed pp. 57-58.  We discussed the sections of the Charter and looked at some examples.  For homework, please study for your quiz and read pp 59-63 in the text.

Hist 12: Monday, 13 Feb

Today we began by reviewing the strata of Russian society with the peasants at the bottom and the nobles and royal family at the top.  Next we reviewed the most important events leading up to Bloody Sunday and then discussed 1905 (the first "revolution").  Next we examined the October Manifesto and noted the two promises the tsar extended to the country.  This helped, but the Fundamental Laws of 1906 exposed the truth of Russian reform. 

Tomorrow we will discuss the observations you made in your groups regarding the 1906 Laws.  For homework, please read DeMarco pp. 37-41.  Answer questions a-e in Ex #1 and #2.