Thursday, October 27, 2011

SS 11: 28 October, 2011


1. You should go to YouTube to view the 11-minute tutorial on the growth of Canadian autonomy in the 1920s.  You will be required to write a well-developed paragraph at the end of this activity.  You will find the video at:
Autonomy Video Tutorial

2. You should review the workbook/text reference pages.  You can also review the slides via the SlideShare. This will be especially useful because it has examples of how to go about writing the paragraph. 
SlideShare PowerPoint

3. When preparing for a test on this topic, use this link to access the Quizlet I created covering the steps to Canadian autonomy from 1919 to 1931.
Autonomy Quizlet

4. Write a 200-word "what/so-what" paragraph to address the following prompt:

                 "Canada did not achieve independence in a single step."

5.  Finally, post a comment to this post telling what you thought about the on-line format of this lesson.  You may wish to address some or all of the following: independence; review; clarity; accessibility; ease; variety; learning styles; frustration; enjoyment; understanding; technology.  Your comment should try to give a pro and a con and should be no less than five sentences long.