Friday, September 16, 2011

En 12: Friday, Sept 16

Today we discussed two PPTs on poetic devices.  We started a work sheet on device definitions.  We shall finish this work on Monday and try to apply our new skills to identifying devices inside sample poems.

SS 11: Friday, 16 Sept

Today we did a third quiz for the governement unit.  A big majority of the class is now above the 75% range and when asked, and you said you now feel ready for an exam.  Next we shared the name, slogan and political specrum location for our made-up political parties.  We spent the rest of the class developing our party's platform and poster.  We will complete this work on Monday and present on Tuesday.

En 11: Friday, 16 Sept

Today we completed our movie posters.  Next, in small groups, we discussed the Part 4 and 5 questions.  For homework, please write a three-sentence summary for Parts 3, 4 and 5.  See the example from Part 2 that I did with you earlier in the week.

This may seem easy, but it's not; you must leave out a lot more than you can include.  You must be selective and concise; this work will help you write your essay next week.  Have a good weekend.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

En 11: Thursday Sept 15

Today we started with comments that explained why we chose the thematic words we did for the novel and put them onto yesterday's blog post.  Next, we saw some examples of title pages that had different visual characteristics.  Then we started to create our own movie posters for TOMATS.  We'll finish the posters tomorrow.

En 12: Thursday 15 Sept

Today we finished up with Dylan Thomas' poem and then had a PPT discussion on the connotations of war.  We also did some exercises to see how connotation goes beyond personal connections.  We shall continue with this tomorrow.

SS 11, Thursday 15 Sept

Today we finished the PPT on the political spectrum and where Cda's parties fall on it.  We also did a fun PPT on the different political ideologies (such as communism).  We next discussed how Canadians can effect political change through things such as elections or protests.  Finally, we began a project to create our own political party (one of the ways to effect change).

For homework, create  a party name, logo, where that party is on the spectrum and a slogan.  We'll carry on with thr posters and platforms tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

En 8: Wednesday, 14 Sept

I returned your Smartie/marshmallow paragraphs today.
In general, I thought you did very well again today.  We did a quick review of the last class and then read and discussed the second chapter.  At the end of the class I asked you to write a brief journal entry about your reactions to the story to date.

Keep up the great work.

En 11: Wednesday, 14 Sept

Today we started with a short quiz for Part 3 of TOMATS.  Then we debriefed the Part 3 questions.  I gave the class the remainder of the block to finish reading the novella.  Please ensure you have the story finished for tomorrow's class.

En 12: Wednesday, 14 Sept

Today we looked at the Dylan Thomas poem, but got a bit side-tracked talking about politics.  I thought you came up with some good questions and the time was still well-spent.  We'll have to stick to poetry tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

En 12: Tuesday, 13 Sept

Today we worked with Yeats' The Second Coming.  We appropriated images from the Web to create a slideshow for the poem (we each took three lines and found images for those lines).  Next, we completed the first half of the analysis sheet together.

We decided to each create a G-Mail account so that we can collaborate in class (today it would have been nice to synchronously build a PPT of the poetry images).

There is no homework today but you might like to think about how you would complete the analysis sheet.

Monday, September 12, 2011

SS 11: Monday, 12 Sept.

Today we began with a quiz of what we've learned to date in our government unit.  You did well for a first try, but I know you'll improve with practice.  I find that you are using the correct vocabulary more and more frequently - precision is important in senior high.  We also viewed and discussed a PPT designed to make you fluent in understanding the concepts of majority and minority governments.  Remember that the outcome will usually greatly affect the term of office for the winner.

Don't forget to go to the SlideShare site on my list of links if you ever wish to review one of the slide shows.

No SS homework today. (Remember to read your novels for English).

En 12: Monday, 12 Sept

Today we examined thinking strategies around experiencing poetry.  I modeled some ideas using "Grass" as an example.  Next, we listened to Yeats reading "A Second Coming."  It took a bit of time for some of us to settle, but I was very satisfied with the quaility of the ideas that came out in the end.
Tomorrow we will finish those few intro poems and then look at the influence of connotation in our reading.
I forgot to post Friday, here is a shot of the notes you wrote:

En 8: Monday 12 Sept

Today we completed our "marshamallow/Smartie" paragraphs.  Next we had an introductory slideshow on the novel The Snow Goose.  Then, together you followed as I read the opening chapter to the novella.  Finally, we answered the first few question from the study guide.  Please finish Chapter 1 for homework (there is only one question remaining).

En 11: Monday, 12 Sept

Today, I returned the page 11 paragraphs.  Next, we debriefed some basic techniques to consider when we write.  We also reviewed how to blend quotations into our statements (without accidentally changing to the past tense.  We shared our examples on the board and then got into groups of three to review the answers to the Part Two study guide questions. 

Please read up to page 80 for tomorrow.