Friday, June 17, 2011

SS 11: Friday, 17 June

Here are the notes from our practice on Thursday regarding the two essays at the end of the exam.  Check out the blog links for more SS 11 exam samples.  Remember, one will be history and one will be geography.

Eng 11: Friday, 17 June

Today we did the second half of the exam review/prep.  Please come rested Monday morning - you've got a couple of hours of writing to do.  Enjoy the weekend, next week; study this weekend.

History 12: Friday, 17 June

The results for the unit exam were disappointing: I am holding a re-write at 9 am on Monday morning.  Anyone who wishes to improve his or her mark may do so then.  Some of the questions may be altered so STUDY!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

En 12: Thurs 16 June

Today we practiced the synthesis section of the provincial exam. Please ensure you have some quotable quotations for tomorrow's group writing activity.

History 12: Thurs 16 June

Today we finished our practice exam, including a discussion of the evidence question and practice at the mini-essay.  We looked at writing different pre-write organizers.  Tomorrow we will write our final unit test:

We will have questions on Vietnam (imperialism vs. dominoes, nature of the war, effects of US society, peace process, etc) the Middle East (Israel's wars, peace initiatives, the Gulf War 1991, OPEC, etc) the US civil rights process (main events, leaders/personalities, segregation/Jim Crow laws, legislation, etc) Apartheid (the structures of Apartheid, leaders, the process of transformation to democracy, etc) and the UN (the structure of the UN vs the League, roles of the UN - peace/economic/humanitarian/environment - with examples, globalization (ex. EEC)

The test will have a timeline, a few what/so-what vocab terms, M/C questions including some on maps. There WILL NOT be a written section this time.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

History 12: Wed, 15 Jun

Today we did our first full-on review class.

En 12: Wed 15 Jun

Today we reviewed the poetry unit test and then worked on transition words.  Tomorrow we will work on the synthesizing section of the provincial.

En 11: Wed 15 June

Today we looked at human rights and then started reviewing for the test.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

History 12: Tuesday, 14 June

Yesterday we looked at apartheid in South Africa.  We will look at the UN, World Bank and IMF today.  I plan to have a PPT discussion that will give this topic perspective.  I have copies of the missing pages from Unit Six.  We'll have our Unit Five-Six test on Friday.  Our pre-game tutorial will be Wed. at 1 p.m.  Your exam is Thurs at 1 p.m.

En 12: Tuesday, 14 June

Today we wrote the poetry unit final exam.  If we had time left over, we finished (typed?) our original compositions from yesterday.  We will spend the next three classes looking at the provincial final - the course is done.

SS 11: Tuesday 14 June

Today we reviewed the vocab terms from the geography unit and did a little quiz.  We also finished the water and environmental concerns worksheets.  For homework, please read the following pages in the workbook:

p. 208 re: "accords"
pp216-20 re: UN and women
pp225-28 re GATT and WTO

Tomorrow in English we will do a short review of human rights, then move on to prepping for the En 11 final exam.