Thursday, May 19, 2011

En 11: Thursday, 20 May

Today, we did our final reading check and then discussed the table that compared four main characters against the traits of a British gentleman.  Next, we had a discussion about Chapters 9-12.  We also reviewed some main events in chronological order and then looked at the structure of the final exam that will be written on Tuesday, 24 May.  Finally, I issued some readings to use for the final essay.  We will start to watch the movie after the guest speaker, on Thursday.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hist 12: Wednesday, 18 May

Today, we reviewed the WW2 exam and then watched a VHS movie on "Cold War Confrontation."  It examined the Berlin Blockade and the Korean War.  Next, we examined the map of Korea and reviewed the four phases of "attacks."  Please complete all of the worksheets (up to, but not including the one on the Berlin Wall).

Tomorrow we'll be reading pp 170-178 in DeMarco.  We'll discuss Khruschev and de-Stalinization.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hist 12: Tuesday, 17 May

Today looked at the triangle response of the US to the tension in Greece: diplomatic, economic, and military.  PLEASE REMEMBER YOUR SUMMARY PARAGRAPH IS DUE TOMORROW. We also jigsawed (all did a piece and then shared) an activity that examined the situation in Greece in 1947 and the US response to it.  Tomorrow we will examine the Korean War and the Berlin Wall.  We'll also discuss the end of Stalin's reign (read DeMarco pp. 162-170).

En 11-2: Tuesday, 17 May

Today we worked on our symbolism paragraphs.  Anyone who is not yet done, or who needs to spend time in collaboration because they missed a class, with have to do so on his or her own time.  With so many finished, we will have to move on. 

I issued you a table on which to compare four characters from LOTF against the traits of an English gentleman as described in the study guide handout.  Please complete the table for homework.  Also, please rememebr that you are to have had the story read and the study guide completed for today's class.

If you have not commented on the LOTF paragraph writing process on today's special blog post, please do so at home.

En 12: Thursday, 13 May

Today we did the first of two classes dedicated to writing our essays on Hamlet.  We are all answering an essential question that speaks to us personally.  Instead of just writing on one of the classroom-discussed topics, we're going to try to determine how Hamlet helps each of us view the world.  I asked people to push themselves on this one - try to bring all that you've learned to this task.

Remember, if you need to review the Hamlet PPT, you may go on my blog, to the Internet links list, and scroll down to "Mr. Marshall's Slideshare PPTs" (don't forget to select "view all" once Slideshare opens).  The Hamlet PPT has the following title page:

History 12: Thursday, 12 May

Today, we wrote the Second World War exam.  For homework, please read DeMarco, Chapter 13 (pp. 154-163).

En 11: Writing Process Response

Please comment on the revision process we used with the LOTF re-write.  Please include your thoughts associated with metacognition involved in the process.

En 12: Tuesday, 17 May

Today we did the Hamlet objective test and started poetry.  I read my slam poem and we watched some other slam poets on video.  I also issued a lit devices work sheet.

En 11-1

Today we went to the computer lab to finish our LOTF symbolism paragraphs.  Next class we will discuss the questions and get ready for the objective test.

Monday, May 16, 2011

SS 11: Monday, 16 May

Today we did a review of the first half of the Chapter 7 questions.  Next, you reminded me that I did not put a SS11 post on the blog at the end of last week (I was away with the rugby team).  Please have Chapter 7 finished for next class.  Also, please finish #1-32 of Chapter 8.

We also watched a vignette on the introduction of the new flag on Feb 15, 1965 (as is reported in the
text - 1964 is when Pearson introduced the idea of a new flag).

History 12: Monday, 16 May

Today we finished the Cold War PowerPoint discussion.  We reviewed the causes and events that caused confrontation right after the Second World War.  We also looked at the Truman Doctrine and the MARSHALL Plan (the best plan, ever).  Next, we introduced the formation of NATO and NSC 68 to highlight the military component of this triple play (Truman Doctrine is the diplomatic component and the Marshall Plan is the economic component). 

For Wednesday, please write a one page double-spaced paragraph to summarize the three elements of the American reaction to the new reality of the bipolar post-WW2 world.

En 12: Monday, 16 May

Today we spent the first half of the class finishing up our Hamlet essays and then we reviewed for the exam that we will write tomorrow.  See the notes for the format of the exam.  Good luck.