Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hist 12: Notes from Wed., 9 March

Today, we read a passage from Howarth on War Communism and the NEP.  I talked about some strategies to use when reading for content: use your highlighters sparingly.  We also discussed the DeMarco questions that related to the Civil War and the new Bolshevik government after November, 1917.  We also took a bit of time to discuss the elements of a political cartoon.  I was pleased with the answers you gave, but some members of the class did not prepare adequately.

For homework, please ensure you've read DeMarco, pages 56 to 62.

We will check Exercise #14 tomorrow.

We will do the unit final on Monday or Tuesday, next week (I don't really like giving tests on Mondays).


Eng 12: Notes from Wednesday, 9 March

Today, we wrote our final essay for the 1984 novel study.  Only Zack, Robert and Janine have handed in all of their paragraphs; everyone else is missing at least one piece.

Tomorrow, we will view the film.  On Friday, Amanda and Stephanie will write a second version of the test as the "rewrite" to the objective test.  Anyone else who wishes to write a rewrite can do it then as well.  That will end the unit.  There will be no homework this weekend.  We will start short fiction on Monday.  People who leave early for the sun will have to get caught up upon their return.

En 11: Notes from Wednesday, 9 March

Today, we continued with the "garrison mentality" worksheet.  On Monday, we read "Bluffing," and today we read the second story.  We will have one more day to work on the third story, but by Tuesday's class, please ensure all three stories and their "response" questions are done.  We will be looking at the writing part of the activity on Tuesday.  Students who went to Cypress Mountain on Monday have a little bit of catch-up to do, but not much.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

SS 11: Notes from Tuesday, 8 March

Today we reviewed the Chapter 6 questions up to #37 and then played Cold War Jeopardy.  The questions (1-37) will be included in a quiz FOR MARKS, next class.

History 12: Notes from Monday, 7 March

On Monday, we discussed the political landscape of pre-revolutionary Russia in terms of the various political "parties" that existed.  Next, we each researched one group and worked to create a PPT slide to explain things such as: the leader's name (leaders' names); the goals/doctrine of the group; their relative success and when that success occurred; the role the group may have had in the revolution(s); and, any other interesting notes. We discussed some of the characteristics of a good slide, especially the advantage of light text on a dark background. 

We will have a bit of time on Tuesday to finish.

En 11: Notes from Monday, 7 March

On Monday, we read the story "Bluffing," and I issued a handout addressing the idea of the "garrison mentality" that it is suggested exists as a part of Canadian literature.  If you missed Monday's class and want to get caught up, read the story and answer question 1, a-d.

If you want the handout - come to Room 102 and get a copy.

En 12: Notes from Tuesday, 8 March

Yesterday, we read Orwell's essay "Politics and the English Language."  I asked you to read the essay and then answer a set of study questions designed to bring out some of the most important issues.  I also gave you a copy of an undergradute university student's essay on the topic of language and the novel, 1984

Today, we wrote the novel objective test, including a section on vocabulary words from your study sheet.  We used the second half of the class to complete our notes and to do our prewrite for an essay on the following prompt:  "discuss the role of language in our society."  Remember that at this level, you are expected to employ quotations for support.  You may bring to class ONE PAGE of notes with anything on it except completed sentences or paragraphs that are to be used in your writing.

Also, please remember that you are to complete a blog comment for EACH of the three blog post inquiry questions.

On Thursday and Friday we will watch the 1984 film version of the novel.