Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hi 12: Notes from Tues 8 Feb

Today we did our first test (1870-1920) - if you missed the test (Amanda) arrange with me a time when you can write.

Everyone please read Chapt 2 of the DeMarco text.  Get ready for some group activity work tomorrow.

En 12: Notes from Tuesday, 8 Feb

Today we wrote our three theme paragraphs.  Anyone who was absent, or who didn't finish should arrange with Mr. Marshall a time when they are able to write (the writing cannot be completed at home).
Please keep up with your novel reading.

En 11 - 1 & 2: Tuesday, 8 Feb

Today, we did a final quick quiz on the parts of speech.  We also did an exercise to practice identifying and fixing sentence fragments.

Group 1 started identifying misplaced modifiers while Group 2 had a check-in discussion.  Next class the groups will change activities.  I hope that those in Group 2 who expressed frustration with some of their classmates' choices have a chance to consider how they may react to them in the future.

No homework - have a good day.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Hi 12: Monday 7 Feb

Today, we did a map activity on the interactive whiteboard to review the 1920s changes to the European map of 1914.  Students were quite accurate in their ability to "pencil" in the changes and explain the background for the changes.

We also did a  review quiz with 20 true/false questions.  Remember,  Janine, no German air force after 1919 and while war is bad, some groups saw advancement - women for example, were further ahead in 1920. 

I suggest you go to Slideshare and review the few PPTs we used.  Can you remember which country wanted its "place in the sun?"

Good luck.

SS 11: Notes from Mon 07 Freb

In today's class we did some first-hand historical exploration.  I gave every student a Canadian army insignia and we posed some inquiry questions to investigate these artifacts.  It was interesting to see how quickly people found detailed information on the badges.  Many students had badges from regiments that were at Dieppe or Ortona - is it possible that these artifacts were also there?  Who wore the other badges?  Were they worn overseas?  We did not do a writing assignment on this activity; I thought that a paragraph might have taken the fun out of the search for the factoids.

Please ensure you have all of the textbook chapter questions on the Second World War completed for next class - YOU WILL BE HAVING A QUIZ AND THE QUESTIONS WILL COME RIGHT FROM THE QUESTION SHEET.

Eng 12: Notes from Monday, 07 Feb

Today, we did a short quiz for Book One.  We also reviewed the questions from the study guide.  I also went over many quotable quotations from Chapters 1-4.  I noted that the last two pages of chapters in novels are usually good places to focus your attention when searching for quotations.  Orwell's prose style is very rich and it is relatively easy to find quotations in 1984.

Tomorrow, you will write paragraphs on three of the six "themes" on the Chapter 1-4 handout.  You get to choose the themes you will write on AND you can bring in a brainstorm sheet for each one AND you may use your novel.  Wow! Is Mr. Marshall getting soft, or what?