Friday, January 7, 2011

En 12: Notes from Friday, 7 Jan

Today we discussed "The Shining Houses."  We also read "Transients in Arcadia" and an article on "Lotus Land (Vancouver)."  Please read both pieces and be prepared to write a synthesizing paragraph for the following prompt: "compare and contrast Vancouverites to the "guests" of the Hotel Lotus."  This activity is designed to help prepare you for Section B of the provincial exam.

It's not too early to start to review those exams so you are very familiar with the format AND the types of questions asked.

SS11: Notes from Friday, 7 Jan

We reviewed the map of Europe and the creation of the League mandates.  We did a pre-teaching activity about the Second World War.  We also reviewed some basic facts about Mussolini and then discussed the characteristics of a dictatorship.

For homework, please do Worksheets # 3-5.

Also, please read pp 93 - 94 as it relates to the Soviet Union.

Plus, read pp 94 - 96 as it relates to the causes of the war.

On Tuesday we will continue with the rise of the dictatorships in Italy and Germany to see how they could be driven to war only 20 years after the Paris Peace.

En 10: Notes from Friday, 7 Jan

Today we read "The Crystal Stars Have Just Begun to Shine" and had a discussion about parents and kids.  We ended with a brief writing assignment as noted below.  Please bring your how-to list to class on Monday.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

En10: Notes from Thurs 6 Jan

Today, we discussed the idea of theme (using the short story "The Sniper"). We practiced taking theme statements and turning them into topic sentences.  We recognized that on the provincial exam we will have to make connections between two texts that will have some sort of thematic link.  We also reexamined how to find good supporting quotations and we discussed the importance of using powerful verbs (in our quotations and our own writing).

Finally, we wrote a half-page report, in the persona of the sniper to his officer, reporting on the events described in the story.  Please have that ready for tomorrow's class.

En 11-2: Thurs, 06 Jan

We finished reading the play today.  On Monday, we'll write the objective final exam.  An outline of the test can be found on the other class's post for Tuesday (this week).  Remember to study; there are not many "marks" for the Macbeth unit, so this test is important.  On Wednesday, we'll watch the rest of the film.

En11-1: Notes from Thurs 6 Jan

Today we wrote the objective final exam.  We also chose our last dramatic reading speeches.  Next class we'll finish watching the film.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

SS11: Notes from Wednesday, 5 Jan

Today we looked at the post-First World War map of Europe and saw what happened to the Empires that lost (Germany, Austria Hungary, and the Ottomans).  We discussed the "successor states" and the League of Nations "mandates" that were created in the attempt to recognize "self-determination." It's great to be the winner, but things are rarely all good or all bad.

Please read the following pages from the Work Book in preparation for Thursday's class:

1) Page 69, including the top of page 70.
2) Page 71-72, Number 3, a-e.
3) Page 74, Number 5.
4) Page 89 - 93 (stop when you get to Letter D (the Soviet Union).

You may wish to look in your text for corresponding information.

En 11-2: Notes from Tuesday, 4 Jan

We had bad luck today.  Just as we got ready to read the final scenes of Macbeth, the fire alarm sounded and we spent the rest of the block standing outside in the snow.  That puts us behind the other class, again.  We were going to write the unit final exam on Thursday, but that will have to be pushed back to Monday, January 10th.  Please make sure you re-read scenes 2-8 and be prepared to read your parts well.

It might be a good plan to begin your exam prep - an outine of the exam can be found on today's En 11-1 post.  Note: you will have questions on the vocab sheets we did for each act.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

En 11-1: Notes from Tuesday, 4 Jan

 Today we watched Act 2 and 3 of the movie and reviewed the outline for the objective test which will be on Thursday.  I've attached the outline below.  We'll finish the movie after the test.  Feel free to see me before the test to clear up any questions you may have.

En 12: Notes from Tues Jan 4

Today we had a discussion with a PPT that looked at the play as a whole.  I'm having trouble uploading the PPT to Slideshare - I'll try again later.  Come to class tomorrow prepared to write your best essay ever.  Remind me to let you see your writing logs before you begin.