Friday, October 29, 2010

English 11 Quiz Tuesday, 02 Nov

We will be having a Macbeth quiz covering Act 1, scenes 1-5, on Tuesday.  Remember to review your notes.  Also, pre-read the rest of Act 1 - use No Fear Shakespeare if you must.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

English 12 Poetry Slam Activity (Begun 27 Oct)

I was pleased with the apparent effort you were able to put towards the first lesson on slam poetry.  I know it's hard to "write on demand," but most of you managed to get some ideas down.  For Thursday's class, remember you need to have a topic and three or four sub-topics for a mind map (brainstorm) done so that I can help those who are stuck to get moving.

I've attached a screenshot of my poem to this post and would like each of you to visit the blog a couple of times during the creation of your poems to record your thoughts on the process.

English 11 Homework due Friday, 29 Oct

Both classes are almost back at the same point in the play and accompanying activities - way to go Group 2; you had to catch up a full hour from last week's rugby game. 
Both groups, please ensure you have completed a synopsis of I,iii and a paraphrase of the first part of the scene where the witches are talking.  You should also pre-read the rest of Scene iii - we'll review it next class.

Monday, October 25, 2010

En 12 David Exam, Tuesday, 25 October, 2010

On Tuesday we will have a 75-minute exam on "David" in order to practice the style of questions found on the provincial exams.

Part One: Seven multiple-choice questions tied to vocabulary terms:

ex. "a marten moving like quicksilver scouted//us."
a) shiny jewelry
b) mercury
c) cool clothing
d) rock

Part Two: Eight multiple-choice questions tied to plot comprehension and devices:

ex.  The scene with the injured robin is a
a) climax
b) symbol
c) foreshadow
d) jargon

Part Three: Eleven matching items - match the term to the example from the poem:

___a____ Alliteration                         a) "lake lost the lure"

Part Four: 300 word essay OR three 100 word paragraphs (from a list of six paragraph prompts).