Thursday, October 7, 2010

En 11: TOMATS Objective Final Exam

We will write an objective final exam for the novel on Tuesday, October 12.  It will include the following:

1. 12 plot events to be put in chronological order.
2.  8 quotations where you must name the character who spoke.
     EX. "When I was young I was before the mast on a square rigged ship" = Santiago
3.  6 basic literary devices where you must give a brief definition.
      EX. metaphor = a direct comparison of two unlikely paired things.
4.  5 examples of literary devices that you must identify
      EX. "it floated cheerfully as a bubble" = simile
5.  12 multiple choice questions on different aspects of the novel.

English 12: 1984 Objective Final Exam

We will write a "store-bought" objective test for the novel on Tuesday, October 12.  It will be the usual m/c, t/f, match-the-character kind of fare.  It will be two pages long and include 50 items.

English 12 work for Thurs-Fri/ Oct 7-8

On Thursday we finished viewing "V for Vendetta."  You are to write a paragraph-length comment in response to this post after viewing the movie.  You may chose to compare/contrast "V" with "1984" or you may choose to comment on "your impressions."  For example, which world would be worse to live in for the citizens?  What were the goals of the different governments?  Please make your comment thoughtful and remember to edit prior to publication.

Tomorrow, we will read an essay (titled "Language as the 'Ultimate Weapon' in 1984") and then write a paragraph discussing "Orwell and the English Language."  In writing your paragraph, you will compare Orwell's views after considering Newspeak in "1984," the essay "Politics and the English Language," and today's reading.  Your paragraph should be illustrative of the development you've experienced in your writing after receiving four weeks of my detailed feedback and after your own meta cognition.  Good luck.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

En 11 Pre-essay comment: Tuesday,5 Oct

Please post a comment outlining what you plan to write your essay on and give your thesis statement for others to consider.  I suggest that you visist the post more thanonce over the next two days. You may post more than once if you change your mind, after having read what your peers have written.  Please see me if you're having any trouble.  You may bring notes in to class to help you write this "first essay."

Monday, October 4, 2010

En 10: Notes from Monday 04 Oct

Here are today's notes:

SS 11 Political Party Assignment: Monday, 04 Oct

1.  Today we used the laptops to write our creative, personal political party platforms.  We made sure that our typed presentations included the following in paragraph OR point form:

     a) General ideology (political spectrum - change or tradition)

     b) Platform details: ex. economic plan, services provided (improved? cut?) health plan, trade 
          (within Canada or with foreign nations? both?) foreign policy (how will we use our military?)

     c) Create a party name and logo

2.  For homework, create a party poster.

3.  Both are due at the start of Wednesday's class.  You will give a brief two-minute summary of your party to your classmates at the start of Wednesday's class.