Friday, September 10, 2010

SS 11 Elections Chpt10a

Check out this SlideShare Presentation:

SS11 Canadian Parliamentary System Chpt 9

Are you looking for the vocabulary terms that might be on the quiz?  Check out the Parliament PPT presentation by clicking on presentations by jeffmarshall below to access SlideShare:

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En 12: Assignment for Monday, 13 Sept.

We agreed to have read up to the end of Chapter Six before Monday's class that is right after lunch (please remember to take notes in your Study Guide).  I plan to review the the Chapter 2-6 questions, Monday - be ready to participate.  Commenting to this post is fully optional but I'm sure your peers would appreciate your shared thoughts.  Have a nice weekend.

En 10 Reading for Monday, 13 Sept

Read to the end of Chapter Four before Monday's class.  In lieu of answering study guide questions, please remember to publish a comment that mentions something about Chapter Four to this post.  You may include ideas from Chapter Three.  You may wish to comment on the relationships that Holden has with others his age.  If you don't have Internet access, post at school before 10:20, Monday.  Have a nice weekend.

En 11 Reading for Tuesday, 14 Sept.

Please read up to page 94 or 96 (don't forget some notes in the Study Guide).  You may choose to comment with this post in response to your reading.  We will compose topic sentences and write a page 11 paragraph during our next class.  I was pleased with your level of focus and the quality of your ideas during Friday's classes.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

En 10 Reading for Friday, 10 Sept

Remember to have Chapter 3 read for Friday.  We will be doing some writing in class about life in 1949.

Socials 11: Assignment due Friday, 10 Sept.

Please ensure you have read the sections on Canada's government from p226 - p244 (you are only responsible for the text printed on the white paper - text on coloured paper is optional).  We will be completing some worksheets from Falk on Friday.

En 12: Assignment for Friday, 10 Sept.

Please remember to have Chapter 3 read (with study guide notes completed).  I'd also like you to write a brief comment on this post in response to your reading (2-3 sentences will be fine).

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

En 11 Reading for Thursday, 9 Sept.

Thanks for being receptive and willing to participate in our first TOMATS lesson - I promise not to talk so much next time.  The novel is very much about Santiago and in addition to responding to the study guide focus questions, try to continuously ask yourself "Who is this guy, Santiago? What makes him tick?"  Expect routine reading quizzes so I can gauge the level of your understanding.  Please be read up to page 41 for Thursday (including the appropriate study responses).

En 12 Reading for Thursday, 9 Sept.

Please have Chapter 2 read for Thursday.  Don't forget to give page citations for your study guide responses.  We will be using the COW laptops to write our first readers' responses on Thursday.  If you wish to be keeners, you can do a little extra reading on Stalin and his management of the USSR.  Orwell's references to three-year plans and the like will then make more sense to you - Wikipedia should suffice.

En 10 Reading for Thursday, 9 Sept

You did well during our first lesson with The Catcher in the Rye.  Please be sure to have Chapter 2 read for Thursday.  I'll be checking your study guides for entries.  You should expect a brief reading check (quiz) for Chapter 1-2.